EPF nomination

Have you completed your EPF nomination? And have you converted your EPF to EPF Shariah?

The role of trust nomination is to expedite the withdrawals so that these funds can be used to clear your debt and support your loved ones who rely on you financially. If nobody relies on you, then how about donating your retirement savings to the charity bodies of your preference?

EPF nomination details:

You can now execute your trust nomination via the EPF website before completing it with thumbprint verification at any EPF office.

As Muslims, now that we have the halal choice, it’s our responsibility to change to EPF Shariah. We want “keberkatan” in our retirement income. EPF Shariah ensures that members’ savings are not invested in investments which contain riba’ (interest), maysir (gambling) and gharar (uncertainty in contracts).

Check out our YouTube video for more information!

EPF nomination





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