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When the Movement Control Order took place, we saw something that we haven’t seen before; pilots who used to earn five-figure suddenly earned nothing for two years in a row, friends and family members lost their loved ones caused by sudden death due to Covid-19, businesses collapsed and mental health was the price that most of us paid, in silence.

Talking about money openly used to be viewed as a taboo, sensitive conversation. But after what the world had to endure since 2020; the pandemic, world war, higher cost of living, interest rate revisions, and now recession, don’t you think it is high time that you and everyone alike are taught how to be financially resilient especially during these phases of uncertainties?

This sparked the birth of Aisya Rahman Advisory Sdn Bhd in 2021.


The trusted training provider in educating simple financial strategies for Muslims in Asia.


We are a training provider focusing on financial literacy & financial education.

We lead executives, entrepreneurs, parents, and homemakers towards financial independence through our simplified personal finance modules.

Together, we help you feel secure and safe in your finances so that you can be financially literate, from here to the hereafter.


A - Authentic
I - Intentional
S - Sustainability
A - Accountability

Through our HRD Corp claimable courses and customised private courses, we have designed financial literacy modules which are easy to understand and implement for busy individuals.

All these are only possible with the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our A-team.

Meet Our A-Team


Chief Executive Officer

Aisya is our lead trainer who is also a Licensed Islamic Financial Planner. Her experience in helping her clients getting out of debt, managing 8-figure Shariah investments, and designing 8-figure estate planning strategies have helped her to simplify the complexities of personal finance. Aisya shares financial literacy and women empowerment content daily on Instagram. More about her here.



Farah Nisa handles our social media content creation and marketing activities. She earned an Honours Degree from UITM Shah Alam, majoring in communications and media studies. Her creativity and passion have allowed our brand to share fun financial literacy content seven days a week.

Corporate Licenses
HRD Corp Registered Training Provider
HRD Corp Registered Training Provider
HRD Corp Registered Training Provider
HRD Corp Claimable Courses

Some of the amazing results that we have created through our courses.

When our clients win, we win too! There will never be one-size-fits-all kind of solution for anyone. Hence why, it starts with knowing your options first, becoming financially literate so that you could choose and execute the best solutions for you and your situation. You deserve to be financially independent; you’ve worked too hard not to.

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We are based in Sunway Giza 2, Kota Damansara. Our location is accessible via car and MRT (Surian station is 500 metres away).

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If you’re from Human Resource, Culture, Learning, People and Talent Development, and you’re looking for something different to empower your team members, let’s have a chat! As much as your employees are looking for good health benefits, they are also looking for wealth benefits too!

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