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Our Financial Literacy Training and Workshop Malaysia

We believe that it is important for both genders, especially women, to have a solid understanding of your personal finances. 

The way we manage our finances before and after Covid-19 have changed aggressively, especially now that we are battling with higher cost of living and ever-increasing interest rates. 

Don’t you agree that the topic of money and personal finance can be overwhelming and intimidating? 

Most women tend to sweep this matter under the carpet until it becomes a pressing matter. Then some may make rash decisions out of desperation, which will lead one to more financial problems.

When will this cycle end?

Don’t you want to become financially literate and make better financial decisions on your own, without the influence of others? 

Introducing Cohort 2: Women & Wealth Workshop

In January 2023, we launched our very first cohort of the Women & Wealth Workshop series, and it was fully booked within just 7 days! 

Our upcoming Cohort 2: Women & Wealth Workshop in May 2023 is limited to 30 women only.

In this workshop, you will learn how to make empowering decisions with your money and create long-term financial stability for yourself and your loved ones. 

Grab your seat before our closing date, happening soon!

Want to join our Cohort 2?

Register here and you will immediately receive all the course outline, 0% instalment plans up to 18 months and more!

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