We are now a HRD Corp Registered Training Provider.

When I was 9, I remembered entering a storytelling competition and as I stood on stage with all eyes on me, I could recall the sweat on my palms, my heart pounded as fast as it could, with neither of my parents in sight.

My late grandmother had given me a story book prior to the competition. Was it Enid Blyton? That was where I got my story from. On the day of the competition, the only thing that was in my head was – don’t screw up, remember the storyline.. and the story went.. Once upon a time, there were three goats. There was Little Billy, there was Big Billy, and there was Biggest Billy. My memory has served me well, because I can still remember the beginning of the story up til today.

Who would have thought, that early exposure to story telling had led me to have an interest and passion in a more complex story telling (kinda) – and that is in the area of financial literacy.

Much gratitude towards the One above, Allah SWT in giving me the opportunity to connect to the right industry leaders, who then opened up doors for me to speak in public (via Zoom still counts, right?). In 2021, my calendar was filled with content creation followed by training and speaking to the public on ways to elevate their financial literacy.

What I thought was simple (to me), was actually complex to most people. It became like a personal quest for me to simplify the complexities of personal finance so that it could be easily understood. When someone finds it simple, it becomes an encouragement for them to shift and do something about their finances.

After investing in personal and professional coaching, going for suitable courses and reading the right materials, I finally found courage in late 2021 to pursue HRDF Certified Trainer. This was something that I had wanted to pursue since 2020 but had to put it off for many times, til the lockdown took place.

Part of the requirement to upgrade oneself from HRD Corp Certified Trainer to HRD Corp Accredited Trainer, is to submit 4-hour training with real audience and your own content. I took time off in the entire month of December 2021 because I needed to quiet down my thoughts so that I could hear myself. Ideas are only made when you’re able to be in the state of stillness.

My team and I finally carried out our 4-hour webinar in January 2022, submitted it to HRD Corp for review in April 2022 and finally Alhamdulillah, as at July 2022, we are now a HRD Corp Registered Training Provider. According to HRD Corp,

Your training is claimable to HRD Corp Registered employer. The quality of a training programme not only depends on the training facilities, it is also highly dependent on the quality of trainers conducting the training. The implementation of HRD-TDF will create a pool of competent and skilled Trainer professionals. This will support the human capital development needs of the nation through better quality and more effective training delivery. The HRD Corp Accredited Trainer status would only be applicable within HRD Corp training landscape that covers various schemes offered by HRD Corp.

Now, your employers and others alike could engage us to carry out financial wellness and financial literacy programme as part of your company’s corporate social responsibility towards you and other employees. The skills on personal finance is much needed now more than ever because things are getting more expensive even in the area of running a business, therefore it becomes vital for employers to step outside of the box to provide empowerment to its employees. Connect with us to customise a suitable training plan that works for you and your team. Our email: [email protected].

On top of receiving HRD Corp Accredited Trainer, we have also recently received our Corporate Trainer registration under ePerolehan (Ministry of Finance of Malaysia). Now, we can enter the government and public sectors to provide financial empowerment and training to the civil officers.

Alhamdulillah. I would be the fourth generation counting from my great grandparents who have always been in the education line as teachers, teaching out of love, based on our passion and expertise.

It is an honour as well as an amanah for us to share what we know and share it with as many people as we could. Receiving our licenses are only the beginning, there’s more work to be done ahead. What’s important is for us to be true to our intention and to honour this gift of story telling #siscuba.

If I were to take a step back and ask myself, when did this all start? I would say, it was after years of heartache, delay, rejection, drama, that was when I had to turn within and ask myself – who do I want to be?

I finally found the answer. Millennials may call it financial influencer, but I call it a corporate trainer, speaker in providing empowerment through financial literacy, which you and I could use here, to the hereafter.

Sometimes, we need to fall flat on our face, before we could rise again, 10X stronger. It’s easier to give up. What’s harder is to fight and pivot. Choose your kind of hard.

Most importantly, stay invested in yourself. Never give up.

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