In 2020, I did a video on where parents can invest their kids duit raya and angpow. You can view it here. One of the platform I mentioned was Tabung Haji.

This article is to focus on how to register for Haji in Malaysia. There are two ways.

First option – open a Tabung Haji account and allocate RM1,300 in it. Next, specifically request for the Tabung Haji officer to register yourself for Haji. Do take note that setting up and account and registering for Haji are two separate steps.

Second option – you can also use your EPF savings and pledge RM1,300 to register for Haji. Just print out the latest EPF statement and visit any Tabung Haji outlet or any of their agents to register.

Why should we rush the registration for Haji even though we know the queue to perform the real Haji can be many decades from now?

I hold on to this belief: TIE YOUR CAMEL THEN TAWAKKAL.

What is within our control is the effort to register for Haji and to doa often. As a Muslim, it becomes our responsibility to always honour and uphold Rukun Islam. Remember, performing Haji is the fifth pillar of Rukun Islam.

What is not within our control is the invitation to perform Haji. On paper, our queue can be some time in year 2100 onwards. Never underestimate the power of doa, because Allah can invite us much earlier. He knows what we don’t know. Allah is the best of all planners. So pray and doa often. May we are all given the opportunity to perform Haji when we’re still young and healthy.

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