In two weeks’ time, we will all wrap up the year. 2021 has been an amazing year for me, and I hope and pray that it is the same for you too.

This last quarter of the year, my team and I have been working hard to execute our two webinars and many rounds of FB Live, in collaboration with Majalah Labur. Grateful to have crossed path with them. It took an entire troop to help me out with marketing, technical prep, wardrobe, rehearsal and much more. I am thankful for the opportunities by all the partners who noticed me this year, thank you.

From having fear in public speaking (despite it being online), to feeling empowered and energetic to each and every session on FB Live and webinar. The One above really heard my prayers which I planted many years ago, and He made it come true this year. Kept on reflecting – why now, why not before. I guess internally, I had to be ready first, before I could attract these opportunities and receive.

At the same time, I am grateful I made the decision to slow down in my career (well, technically, I was still very busy and occupied with existing clients. Just had to pause new clients intake for couple of months) so that I could focus on the courses I enrolled myself in – such as digital marketing, branding, stocks trading and HRDF train-the-trainer.

This evening, I wrapped up the year (two weeks in advance) by being one of the invited speakers on AKPK’s FB Live event. Funny enough, they were also something I had prayed for back in 2018, wanted to collab in 2020 and it came true in 2021. Trust His timing, always.

2021 has also been the year where I incorporated a new Sdn Bhd company so that I could dive deeper into becoming a subject matter expert on Islamic finance, Islamic financial planning and position myself as a provider in HRDF training platform. Still so many things to be done, what’s important is I have like-minded team to walk and sprint with me whenever needed and ultimately, reach new heights together.

Just to reflect on my humble beginnings, what started off as just a young mother trying to kill off 6-figure debt has now led to that not-so-young mother to become a Licensed Islamic Financial Planner and Licensed Financial Planner (I hold dual license). All the new friendships created over the years from offline roadshows, to more and more women DM-ing me on my personal page, and now even more DMs on my official advisory page, I just want to say thank you. We are all alike, you’ll be surprised.

To all the women out there who are currently feeling what I once felt – feeling guilty, not good enough, broke, broken, go easy on yourself. It is a process. Trust the process. Map out a plan. Speak to someone who is certified to empower you, pick your circle wisely. At a time when nobody believed in me, I had to believe in myself. Now, I believe in you. You will recover from what you’re currently going through. Take one step at a time. I am here for you. Claim your power this new year.


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