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Our video about sending kids to SJKC has gone viral on social media.

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As parents, we all dream of the best for our children, striving to provide them with a nurturing environment filled with love and support. Nowadays, many parents contemplate sending their kids to SJKC, but some worry it might not be the right choice. Here’s something for all young parents out there who are considering the SJKC route:

  • SJKC: You must not be calculative

Being “not calculative” in this context means not being overly concerned about spending more on your children’s extra education, including tuition, books, and other resources. It’s about being open to investing more in their learning without just focusing on the money side. It’s about caring more about the quality of education and how it helps your children, rather than just sticking to a strict budget. SJKC is free, but the hustle is not.

  • SJKC: Acquiring Third Language 

In SJKC, kids naturally become adept at speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese due to the strong emphasis on Mandarin in key subjects like Mathematics, Science and more. This skill proves incredibly useful in our globalised world with diverse communication methods, especially given how China is one of the most influential countries in the world.
But it doesn’t stop there; as a parent, you can also equip yourself by learning the Mandarin language. There are many adult centers for you to select from. This way, you can also lead by example and demonstrate to your children that they are not alone, you are with them all along!

  • SJKC: Look forward toward secondary and primary school

First, what kind of school do you want for them after SJKC – public, private or international? How do you plan to handle the costs? If you are still around, great. But what if you die half way – there is that 50% chance right, as brutal as this sounds? Let’s be realistic.

When it comes to being a good parent, it’s not just about taking care of your child at home. It’s also about helping them learn and grow at school. What subjects and activities do you think would be good for them?

Whatever your decisions are, ensure you leave sufficient funds for your children to continue their education til the very end – whether you are still in the picture, or gone forever.

Finding the right school for your children is no easy task. As parents, sometimes we seek validation on our school decisions from the wrong crowd, further causing anxiety as to whether we are on the right path or vice versa. But when it comes to education, there is no right or wrong, or ‘wasted’ education. What’s important is to have the right intention, long-term view and sufficient funds so that you can help and lead your kids to be whoever they want to be.

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