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HRD Corp Financial Literacy Malaysia

HRD Corp Financial Literacy Malaysia

HRD Corp Financial Literacy Malaysia: 

Skills like financial planning, how to invest, and which debt restructuring method to undertake are examples of critical subjects that were not taught in school. 

We may have transformed into an adult physically, but this doesn’t provide the guarantee that we know how to manage our income the same way we know how to earn our income.

The missing puzzle here is financial literacy.

HRD Corp Financial Literacy Malaysia 

To engage a Licensed Islamic Financial Planner requires time, of which you or your team members don’t have enough of. We know this, because we have had many clients who would take annual leave just to meet us.

This continuous pattern of constantly putting off your financial well-being will come at a cost. Is it fair that an individual like you works hard to earn a good income, but fails to manage it properly just because you don’t have the time and literacy?

Like a pile of unattended laundry, financial issues will slowly compound and one day, it could just blow up – sometimes at the price of one’s career, or loved ones’ quality of life. Then what?

Rather than separating financial literacy from the workplace, why not make it as part of your culture? Gone are the days where employees’ loyalty can only be developed by having a good salary (although this is a good start).

Today, after what you and the entire world have gone through; the pandemic, world war, inflation, interest rate revisions, recession, you ought to step outside of the box and be creative in nurturing employees’ loyalty and retention (what about your own retention if you’re an employee too?).


As a HRD Corp Registered Training Provider, we offer a face-to-face training program that have a HRD Corp claimable courses.
Workbook will also be provided to ensure your team members complete their ‘homework’. Once the course is completed, they will be given an option to upload their ‘homework’ for our team to review and provide feedback, if any.
Click the box below to get to access details regarding the HRD Corp courses that are eligible for claims:
HRD Corp Registered Training Provider
HRD Corp Registered Training Provider


HRD Corp Financial Literacy Malaysia.

Never underestimate the impact that you could create. This little effort of introducing financial literacy to your workforce and organisation can generate higher return on investment. Based on the following research, employees today yearn for a different kind of motivation – they want to work for an organisation that cares about their financial wellness too!

PwC Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey (2022)

PwC Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey (2022)

Bank Negara Malaysia, Financial Sector Blueprint 2022 - 2026 (2022)

Bank Negara Malaysia, Financial Sector Blueprint 2022 - 2026 (2022)

Elevest, The State of Women’s Financial Wellness (2022)

Ellevest, The State of Women’s Financial Wellness (2022)

Once your team members understand the relationship between economic cycle and how it influences everything else including the performance of your organisation, they will be able to see the big picture and add value. Therefore, your return on investment goes beyond than just employees’ retention but also team members who finally know why costs need to be kept lean and redundancy in the organisation must be minimal.

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